Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Who should wear the mask?
While we created Threads Helps to supply masks for non-healthcare frontline workers as a non-medical alternative, anyone can use our masks. Our masks are NOT medical-grade and are not suitable for use for healthcare professionals on the job. They are NOT a viable substitute for personal protective equipment (PPE) or N95 masks, nor do they claim to be.

Is the mask reusable?
Yes! We highly encourage you reuse the masks (after proper washing and care, of course).

How do I wash the mask?
Our masks are washing machine friendly. We recommend you put them in a delicates or laundry bag before putting in the machine. We recommend you wash them in warm water and then machine or hang dry. 

How often should I wear the mask?
We recommend you wash the mask after each use. 

Where are the masks made?

Our masks are made by our factory in Italy. We have a long-standing relationship with them and have high conviction and trust in the quality of their products. 

Does the factory have any certifications?
Yes, we are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and OEKO-TEX STeP certified. The products have passed rigorous tests for harmful substances and the factory maintains environmentally friendly production processes. For more info, please click here

What should I use as additional filters for the masks?
Our masks are already double layered so they already provide pretty good protection without the additional filters. For additional filter inserts, we recommend anything with a "tight weave" - coffee filters or J-cloths could work well. NPR also recently reported in this article that tights & stockings could act as an effective extra layer for your masks. If you've tried out any filters that you love, we'd love to hear about them! 

Do your masks help with glasses fog? 
We've had many customers report no glasses fog with our masks! Our masks are tapered at the nose bridge area, which provides a natural "seal" that prevents hot air (your breath) from leaking from the mask to outside. 


Will I get a confirmation email of my order?
Yes, all orders will receive a confirmation email or text (depending on whether you inputted your email or phone number during checkout) immediately following checkout. Confirmation emails can sometimes get stuck in your junk or spam folder so be sure to check there too. 


Can I get a tracking number for shipping?
Your tracking number will be included in your shipping confirmation email.

Can I pick-up curbside?
Due to the high volume of orders and managing physical distancing restrictions with our small team, we are not able to take curbside pickup requests at this time. 

Return Policy

What's your return policy?
Due to the nature of the product and for the safety of everyone, we will not accept returns or exchanges on any masks. All sales are final. If you have an issue with your mask, please reach out at 


Can I buy in larger quantities?
We'd love to connect and discuss. Please email us at 


Can I make a donation or buy a pack of masks for someone in need? 
Yes! We've partnered with Margaret's. You can learn more here

Research & Readings

Do you have any research or articles I can read on this topic?
Yes! We've compiled a few articles that discuss this below.