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Reusable X-STATIC® Gloves

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Made of X-STATIC® silver yarn with touchscreen technology, our reusable gloves are a high-quality, comfortable and environmentally-friendly alternative to the disposable gloves that are currently on the market and being widely used by non-medical frontline workers and the general public. Our reusable gloves are versatile and perfect for work, essential travel or just about any outing where contact with high-touch surfaces is involved.

Used by US Special Forces and NASA, X-STATIC® yarn is 99.9% pure silver, making it one of the most effective antimicrobial and antiviral materials for use in textiles. 

Please refer to the size guide in the photos or here

Benefits of X-STATIC®:

  • Antimicrobial and antiviral - read more on the studies conducted here.
  • Highly effective in hot and wet environments
  • Permanent (silver is irreversibly bound to a polymer so it becomes a physical part of the fiber) and performance does not diminish over time (X-STATIC® has been tested for more than 250 washes with virtually no reduction in performance)


  • Made of Microlon yarn and X-STATIC® silver yarn, for permanent antibacterial and antiviral protection
  • Touchscreen technology means effortless and sensitive interaction with electronic devices. You no longer need to remove gloves to use your phone and other touchscreen devices.
  • X-STATIC® silver yarn has been conceived to neutralize the effect of viruses in a few minutes, eliminating 91% of viruses in just 10 minutes and 99% in two hours. Read more studies conducted here.
  • Thermoregulating properties of X-STATIC® yarn makes it ideal for all temperatures and climates


  • 88% Polyamide / 9% Elastane / 6% X-STATIC®
  • Made in Italy

Care Instructions:

  • Washing machine friendly (in a laundry or delicates bag)
  • Machine or lay flat to dry


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