How to Repurpose Your Threads Masks to Give Them a Second Life

How to Repurpose Your Threads Masks to Give Them a Second Life

Although our masks are reusable, there will eventually come a day where it's time to open a new pack and set aside the old ones. Before you toss them in the trash, we want to give you a few ways you can repurpose your mask to give them a second life. 

1. Use as a microfiber cleaning cloth around the house
Our masks are made of elastane and polyamide or polyester, part of the microfiber family. If you've ever used a microfiber cloth to clean, you know that this material is absolute magic, being both soft and powerful as a cleaning tool. Use it around your house as you would your regular microfiber cleaning cloths, for a more environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels. 

2. Use as a screen cleaner
Our masks make a gentle but effective cleaner for your screens - anything from phone to laptop to TV. Spray the screen you want to clean with a few spritzes of a screen-safe cleaner and then wipe off with your old mask.

3. Repurpose as a scrunchie or hair-tie 
This was a brilliant idea from someone in our community, who sent us the photo below. The elastic nature of our masks make it an excellent substitute for your regular hair-tie or scrunchie.

4. Use it as part of your kid's Halloween costume.
Just remember to wear another mask under the mask you repurpose for the costume, for sufficient protection (especially important if you're cutting up the fabric). 

Any other ideas? We'd love to hear them! 

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