4 Underrated Essentials That Make Wintertime Activities More Enjoyable

4 Underrated Essentials That Make Wintertime Activities More Enjoyable

With everyone wanting to enjoy as much fresh air and time outside as possible despite low temperatures, we're sharing a few of our favorite (and we think underrated!) wintertime outdoor essentials. We hope these will not only keep you warmer and more comfortable, but more protected too!

1. Handwarmers 
Handwarmers are no longer just for outdoor camping or ski days! We love them for long walks on cold days and other backyard activities. They can be the difference between spending 30 minutes outside and spending a few hours outside. We love that these handwarmers come in a big box, so you can leave them at the front door and a few in the car.  

2. Snow/Ice Cleats
Increased snowfall and and sleet leads to more ice and slippery conditions. While you may have great winter boots, it never hurts to have an extra set of cleats for traction to prevent falls and injuries. We love these comfortable and low profile ice cleats that can easily be rotated when driving or not in use. They come in a few sizes and heights so make sure you take a look at the heel height of your boots before you buy. 

3. Thermoregulating masks
Not all masks are created equal, especially for the outdoors. You may find that some fabrics are more susceptible to freezing while others are better at trapping in heat. Our X-STATIC® masks have a layer made of silver yarn with thermoregulation to keep you warm even when it's freezing outside. The silver yarn also naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria, keeping odors in check. 

4. Safety Wrist Lights 
With lower visibility through snowfalls and shorter days compared to summer, safety at night is more important than ever, especially if you have kids. We really like these safety lights that snap onto your wrist and ankles. They are reusable and come in all sorts of fun colours.

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