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Reusable facemasks for everyone

Normally, we make tights. Now, in an effort to help fight COVID-19, we're using our factory's production capacity to manufacture reusable masks for non-medical frontline workers and the general public.

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Unpredictable times call for innovative measures

In an effort to address the global mask supply shortage and ease the pressure on supply for healthcare workers, we are working with our factory partners to manufacture reusable, non-medical, "citizen-grade" masks.

We strongly believe that medical masks (N95, surgical, etc.) should be reserved for healthcare workers, but non-medical frontline workers need protection too. There is evidence that cloth masks with multi-layered filtration systems can greatly reduce transfer via droplets and aersols. We've manufactured a mask offering a multi-layer barrier. We've priced them low with only a small margin (just enough for us to operate), so they can be accessible for everyone

Our masks are NOT medical-grade and are not suitable for use for healthcare professionals. They are NOT a viable substitute for personal protective equipment (PPE) or N95 masks. If you are in possession of PPE or N95 masks, we strongly suggest you consider donating your supply to a hospital in need.

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